•  TIMBER RATTLE - 'Phantoms of Place' LP  -  ($14.00 USD)  -  ** NEW RELEASE **

•  DREKKA - 'Ekki gera fikniefnum,' LP  -  ($14.00 USD)
•  DREKKA - 'Sleep Patterns of The Discontent' (C-50)  -  ($6.00 USD)
•  DREKKA - 'There is no silence left' (C-57)  -  ($6.00 USD)
•  DREKKA - 'Unbeknownst to The Participants at Hand' LP  -  ($14.00 USD)
•  DREKKA REWORKS ANNELIES MONSERÉ - 'Verjaardag' LP  -  ($12.00 USD)
•  DREKKA - 'Call to Prayer' T-SHIRT  -  ($8.00 USD or $5.00 USD w/ any other purchase)

•  BODUF SONGS - 'Inviolate Projection, Blood From Rome (Blankets)' 10"  -  ($8.00 USD)
•  CINDYTALK - 'silver shoals of light' 10"  -  ($8.00 USD)
•  GOLDEN BRAID - 'Golden Braid' LP  -  ($14.00 USD)
•  TURN PALE - 'Mock Trial / Hung Jury' LP  -  ($14.00 USD)

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TIMBER RATTLE - 'Phantoms of Place' LP

(Bluesanct, INRI094, 656605969411)
LP w/ insert + download
edition of 200 copies

RELEASE DATE - MAY 4th, 2018


OCT 2016, I am on tour in central Italy. Tomasso puts on a cassette while some late night drunken pasta is cooking on the stove. While I lay on the couch, floating in that post show liminal space between this day and the next, I am immediately and completely transfixed by the subdued sounds coming from the stereo, by its languid dirge processionals; part eulogy, part elegy betraying a vague longing to trade places with the departed. The next morning I ask to hear it again.

For weeks, I am humming the melodies in my head, in the van... even during my own performances. I ask around if anyone knows this band. Mark says he randomly played with them once in Croatia. Francesco says he just saw them in Prague and thought of me while watching them.

Eventually, I make contact with the elusive songwriter and we both agree it would be a nice idea to issue the cassette on LP... this album entitled "Phantoms of Place".

TIMBER RATTLE is a kind of "pyche-pastoral" hymnal which seems to be as informed by noise shows in west coast basements or the revolutionary spirit of poet Jean Genet as it is by a panoply of North American landscapes, such as the Blue Ridge Mountains of southern Virginia, where its members grew up. It is spatially both vast and intimately spiritual, seeking to create a reflective space within which to contemplate an individual and mutual encounter with nature; with the mountains, the forests, the deserts, the oceans... and the phantoms of experience and memory that haunt us in these places.

While never straying too far from a pastoral/folk sound that celebrates the environment and the arcane wild that surrounds us, the music also incorporates primordial elements of drone and psyche experimentation which focus on an intuitive exploration of tone, pattern, scale, and palette.

Lyrically, the layers of harmonies present a willful abstration on the relationships between land and bodies and life and death and magic and language and ritual and myth and space and cycles and animals and plants and food and poison... the sound and the shape of the words being equally important to any 'meaning' discerned from the lyrics.

A cohesive and quintessential offering, 'Phantoms of Place' is a meditation on physical space, place and tradition, and an exploration of the meaning of being human in the garment of living nature..

BLACK VINYL LP in an edition of 200 COPIES, w/ black and silver screen-printed sleeve, insert and download code, housed in a heavy duty library style plastic sleeve w/ re-sealable strap flap.

- Mkl Anderson, January 2018


DREKKA - 'Ekki gera fikniefnum,' LP
(Dais, DAIS054, 656605965413)
LP w/ insert + download
edition of 300 copies



Dais is proud to announce the first full length album in a trilogy from Bloomington, Indiana's underground legend DREKKA. Since 1996, Mkl Anderson has channeled his vision into Drekka with extensive tours of the US and Europe, audio & visual collages, and other projects such as Turn Pale and lovesliescrushing. Drekka's previous works run parallel to Edward Artemiev's soundtracks for Andrei Tarkovsky, and Simon Fisher Turner's abstractions for Derek Jarman.

Ethereal folk simplicity that takes on a tranquil lullaby quality, layered and textured, deconstructed and rebuilt to cause a quiet discomfort. Utilizing his endless personal sound library in a manner unique to Anderson, these compositions are arranged more like a film, showing us a glimpse into Drekka's soundtracks to films unmade.

'Ekki gera fikniefnum,' is a mistranslation from English to Icelandic for 'Don't do drugs'. The expressions on Drekka's recent work are equally mistranslated. What one listener perceives as absolute, Drekka sees as only a loosely-fitting frame in his gallery of visions. To 'do' or to 'make', undecided.

The title track is a snowblind short film, driven down the singular road which connects the small towns sprinkled amongst the lava fields, geothermal pools and torn earth of Iceland.

The album's opening track ('Go from my window', an anonymous old English folk song popularized by Shirley Collins) is a collaboration with Annelies Monseré which exemplifies the cyclical, evolving approach of Drekka. The track itself is assembled from two live recordings of the song, which themselves use sound elements from previous performances.

The album was mostly recorded in Ghent, Belgium and Reykjavik, Iceland and features collaborations with Annelies Monseré, Thorir Georg, and Shane Butler.

Limited to 300 copies, with full-color, silver-treated pantone jacket and insert.

For fans of Nurse With Wound, Cindytalk, lovesliescrushing, Svarte Greiner and Coil.


DREKKA - 'Sleep Patterns of The Discontent' (C-50)
(Bluesanct, INRI092, 656605969244)
(C-50) w/ insert + download
edition of 50 copies

RELEASE DATE - JULY 25th, 2017


«One can be a discontent - that is, an insurgent or a revolutionary - but there is also that more literal, personal meaning of the word which may be in most cases equally applicable to those to which we refer here and, in either case, there is a sort of disruption implicit, as in a hypnopompic state.»

A 50-minute non-linear ambient industrial mix recorded in October 2015 by Drekka, with portrait interludes by Mark Trecka (Pillars and Tongues / Dark Dark Dark).

The mix is a night's sleep... the dreams come and go, mingling and juxtaposing each other.

In moments between dreams, we hear from the poet who offers imaginal / poetic portraits of five artists who may or may not be or have been discontent; unsatisfied with their own personal situation or their own personal feelings about the world. These artists in some way or another reach beyond the situation in which they emerge, and their work challenges us to think and to use our own frustration with the world around us to cathartic creative ends.

Portraits include:

Kazuo Ohno
Holly Herndon
Jhonn Balance
Georgia O'Keeffe
Amalia Rodrigues

"The music fits the overall drone approach that Drekka is known for; everything is spaced out to the max and filled with tons of sound effects, reverb, delay, chorus and just very occasionally one recognizes a bit of music leaking through. There might be a bunch of guitar sounds used here, along with field recordings and the whole thing is best enjoyed here when played a lower volume and indeed on repeat. Very relaxing and yet always a fine dirty edge to prevent the listener from falling asleep."
- Frans de Waard - VITALY WEEKLY

Professionally duplicated cassette w/ imprinting on A-SIDE and braille label on B-SIDE... comes in Norelco case w/ a beautiful 2-color screen printed JCARD, insert, and download code.


DREKKA - 'There is no silence left' (C-57)
(Bluesanct, INRI093, 656605969343)
(C-57) w/ insert + download
edition of 50 copies

RELEASE DATE - JULY 25th, 2017


'There is no silence left' is a DREKKA REMIXTAPE collecting various remixes and reworkings by Mkl Anderson of Drekka which were originally released (and unreleased) under various monikers between 1996 and 2012.

13 rarely heard tracks, including mixes for Aube, lovesliescrushing, Racebannon, Soul-Junk, and many more.

‡ FuscilLage - Deep Water (4K meets Voltarr deeper still remix) [1998]
‡ Origami Opna - Lesson One (Drekka mix) [1996]
‡ lovesliescrushing - nipra (Vir remix) [1999]
‡ Area 101 - Exp4 (4K mix) [1998]
‡ k.joy - Sway (Drekka mix) [2002]
‡ Labrador (feat. Thax Douglas) - Fish Fry (4K destruction) [1998]
‡ Drekka - exit (remix) [1999]

‡ Vir - This Book Not To Be Sold [2001]
‡ Racebannon - Satan's Kicking Yr Dick In (dREKKA 777 Payback's a Bitch remix) [2003]
‡ Soul-Junk - Jammy July Pike ([dREKKA] battles the Mind Flayer on the 12th Day of Christmas wearing Plus Three Chain Mail mix) [2005]
‡ Neutica - 20101105 (live Drekka remix) [2010]
‡ Still Sweet - 20121102 (live Drekka remix) [2012]
‡ Drekka Soundsystem - Spartan Dub [2012]

"This compilation bounces around with various textures and moods and shows the many musical faces Drekka. It is like tapping into a radio station playing some random weird music; a radio station where the more curiously open-minded listeners keep hanging around simply because you have no idea what comes next. This is easily a release that could be of interest for those who want to discover Drekka, as it covers a wide area of interests, but also for die-hard fans to fill in gaps in their collection."
- Frans de Waard - VITALY WEEKLY

Professionally duplicated cassette w/ imprinting on A-SIDE and braille label on B-SIDE... comes in Norelco case w/ a beautiful 2-color screen printed JCARD, insert, and download code.


DREKKA - 'Unbeknownst to The Participants at Hand' LP
(Dais, DAIS078, 636225990941)
LP w/ insert + download
edition of 500 copies



Continuing his work with memory not only as a subject but also as a process, Mkl Anderson is continually delving into an archive, revisting and repurposing old recordings, live performances, and forgotten snippets of the voices of out-of-touch friends into new moments and experiences.

Anderson often begins his live performances subtly, with smoldering ambiences and sublime waves, a practice which functions both as soundcheck and prelude. In this way, the sonic formation used to bridge two sets performed one night in Taranto, Italy, has been revisited and reshaped into "The Seventh Continent (Oceanic Waves Wave)." It is a work of evocative and emotive sound art, assembled textures created from manipulated voices. The piece owes as much to NURSE WITH WOUND as it does to MICHAEL HANEKE, whose influence is paid homage through the title. Anderson's own voice manipulated and intertwined with the voices of unwitting collaborators. They are voices from his archive of cassettes and field recordings. Annelies Monseré makes an appearance from Gent, Belgium, many months or years earlier and many miles away.

"The Work in Question is Unbeknownst to The Participants at Hand" reaches even further back, through years of sound. The details of locations, methods, and even participants are hazy (although Tyler Damon, Sarah Dunevant, Mark Trecka are among those present) and in some cases completely lost or obscured entirely. Anderson's deft hand has collated and juxtaposed strands of narratives from across two decades into this haunted drone. Like TARKOVSKY's "The Mirror", it is an assemblage of memories, at times dissonant yet warm and hospitable and ultimately soothing.

Working under the name DREKKA since 1996, Anderson has traveled, collaborated, and relocated; collecting memories and building a very personal archive of sound. DREKKA owes something to the soundscapes and non-linear impressionism of CINDYTALK or COIL, the gravity of EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN. But his work is very apparently unique. Throughout years of performing and recording, Drekka has explored early industrial tape culture, fragile bedroom noise folk, and expansive cinematic textures. These very personal pieces touch on the themes of silence, memory, forgetfullness. But rather than obscure himself, as is so often the effect of experimental music, DREKKA functions as a direct line into Anderson's mind and his tenuous cache of memories. These personal aspects and this fragility are even more clearly on display than if they were obfuscated by poetic abstractions.

While "haunting" and "hypnogogic" are words often used to describe experimental music and art, DREKKA unequivocally occupies and deals in those dark spaces which comprise the tenuous province of memory and dreams. Those are the real ghosts of time and sound.


DREKKA reworks ANNELIES MONSERÉ - 'Verjaardag' LP
(Bluesanct, INRI080, 656605968018)
LP w/ insert + download
edition of 250 copies

RELEASE DATE - MAY 27th, 2016


Appearing prominently on many of DREKKA's releases, including both recent DREKKA LPs for DAIS RECORDS, Belgian singer, ANNELIES MONSERÉ has long been a collaborator, muse, and source material for DREKKA's sonic explorations and dream-cinema soundscapes.

Primarily the work of Mkl Anderson, DREKKA's sound owes debts to the poetic soundscapes of CINDYTALK or COIL, to the ARTEMIEV soundtracks for the films of TARKOVSKY, and to the gravity of early industrial acts such as EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN.

To form his cinematic soundscapes, Anderson often delves into his archive, digging up forgotten snippets of the voices of friends, some long gone and some present still. Listening to DREKKA is like observing the process of remembering. Each old cassette handled, each sound manipulated is a moment of memory, an association made.

Although sourced from the original recordings that Annelies Monseré made for her second album, 'Marit' (2009, Auetic), this is not a record of remixes. Anderson reworked and embellished the original recordings in Ghent, Belgium and Bloomington, Indiana over the course of six years, beginning three years before 'Marit' was even mixed or released.

The result is a novel kind of collaboration. Monseré's plaintive, intimate vocals are couched in Anderson's extremely textural, almost somatic collages, leaving us with the sense of a daydream, comfortable and somehow nostalgic. Monseré's haunted piano, occasionally sounding like it was lifted from the most elegant HOWARD SHORE film score, is a patient voice in an urgent scene. VERJAARDAG feels like a lost record, long forgotten and rediscovered, although it has just been made.


This release is part of the BLUESANCT 'ART VINYL' series; presented as 22 minute EP on SIDE A with a beautiful screen print of Annelies' handwritten liner notes printed on SIDE B. It comes in a full-color jacket with printed insert and download code and is limited to 250 COPIES.

Previous releases in the BLUESANCT art vinyl series have included CINDYTALK, MOUNT EERIE, BODUF SONGS, and PANTALEIMON.


DREKKA - 'Call to Prayer' design T-SHIRT
edition of 50 copies

MAILORDER PRICE - $8.00 USD or $5.00 w/ any other purchase

Designed by DAS and printed by In Case Of Emergency in Bloomington, IN on super nice, soft Tultex shirts. DISCHARGE PRINTED, which uses a chemical process to remove the dye in the fibers of a shirt and leaves the natural cotton color... never fades, never cracks.

Available in XS, SM, MED, and LG


BODUF SONGS - 'Inviolate Projection, Blood From Rome (Blankets)' 10"
(Bluesanct, INRI088, 656605968810)
10" LP w/ download
edition of 300 copies



"The fourth release in our ART VINYL series will be BODUF SONGS. This will be a beautiful single, with an exclusive recording on one side, and a screen printed image of the song on the other side... housed with a letter pressed sleeve.

BODUF SONGS is primarily the work of Mat Sweet, minstrels of misery from the United Kingdom. Boduf Songs have released three incredible albums on Kranky Records, as well albums on Southern Records, including an EP for the LATITUDES series.

Mat gave us an exclusive 12 minute epic entitled 'inviolate projection, blood from rome (blankets)' which not only gives us the drones and hushed guitar they are known for, but also ventures into their (partially) suppressed doom underpinnings.

The record is accompanied by gorgeous specially commissioned artwork by Norwegian artist, JOHANNES HOIE, whose apocalyptic scenes perfectly embody the yearning for the black sun that is Boduf Songs."

This long out-of-print 10" is back in stock for a short time and in very limited quantities.


CINDYTALK - 'silver shoals of light' 10"
(Bluesanct, INRI084, 656605968421)
10" LP w/ download
edition of 500 copies



"BLUESANCT is incredibly excited to announce that the third release in our ART SINGLES series is by one of our all-time favourite artists, CINDYTALK.

The concept behind this series is to celebrate the 10th year of the label with a series of releases that give us excuse to work with some of our biggest influences.

There is hardly a larger influence on my own music and art than GORDON SHARP and CINDYTALK.

'silvershoalsoflight' is quintessential CINDYTALK...
written and produced by GORDON SHARP and MATT KINNISON...
drum machine ticks along gorgeous bass pulses up against Gordon's vocals...
leading to a climax of bliss and dissonance.

For those not familiar with CINDYTALK, this is a sound that straddles several genres at once... ambient abstract industrial cinematic glitch post-punk... Gordon Sharp was at one time perhaps best known for lending her angelic voice to several tracks on the THIS MORTAL COIL masterpiece 'It'll End In Tears' (4AD, 1984), voicing seminal versions of Big Star's 'Kangaroo' and Rema-Rema's 'Fond Affections'.

Less known is the fact that she was also the original second singer for COCTEAU TWINS, her siren song calling in the background of their stunning Peel Session from 1983.

But those are nothing but a footnote in history for Sharp and Cindytalk... since the late 70's, she has recorded fiercely challenging albums of devastating beauty... and there is no end in sight."

This long out-of-print 10" is back in stock for a short time and in very limited quantities.


GOLDEN BRAID - 'Golden Braid' LP
(Bluesanct, INRI091, 656605969114)
LP w/ insert + download
edition of 300 copies



The lacquers were specially cut at Palomino Records to play the record both forwards (SIDE A) and backwards (SIDE B)... full color jacket printed on recycled card stock w/ insert and download code... download includes bonus tracks containing the original source tapes used to construct the tape loops which form the GOLDEN BRAID

Ambient tone loop collage by Mike Adams (Crossroads of America, Burnt Toast Vinyl, Sounds Familyre, Joyful Noise)... assembled from original source tapes provided by Mkl Anderson (Drekka, Dais Records), Jared Cheek (Flannelgraph), Tyler Damon (Thee Open Sex, Tashi Dorji, Darin Gray), John Dawson (Thee Open Sex, Magnetic South), Greg Dixon (Quixod), Phil Elverum (Mount Eerie, Microphones, K Records), & Rachel Yoder (Madera Wind Quintet, Editor - The Clarinet Journal).

"I read an interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson a few years ago about climate change and his approach toward educating the masses on practical matters of science. In it, he referred to an "eternal golden braid" he is attempting to weave between science, humor, and pop culture. It's a noble and murky philosophy, entwining and elevating hard scientific data and history into the zeitgeist with Kardashian goings-on, and Comedy Central Roasts.

A few months after that, I ran into a friend of mine who was reading this enormous book called, Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid. Apparently, it's an entire book about the similarities between math, symmetry, and logic, and how the rules and systems we apply to these ideas are what gives them their meaning.

Around this same time, I had become interested in creating and manipulating cassette tape loops. I had recently finished working on a more pop-oriented record with my name written largely on every aspect of it and wanted to be involved in some musical collaboration where I wasn't in total control. I contacted a short list of a few friends - folks I admired and thought would be receptive to the idea - and asked them for a five minute cassette tape of literally anything they wanted to record. Once I received all of the tapes in the mail, I made individual, random tape loops of varying length out of each of them. Then, using 6 cassette decks, a few effects, and a mixing board, I combined all of the sounds together into a 20-minute live mix. I did this process a few times (including before a live audience), before I felt comfortable enough to record it. Each performance is completely different from the last.

I can't necessarily explain why all these ideas seem so related to me, aside from the obvious touches of free association and timing. But, this record feels like a very specific snapshot of a time in my life, and of my relationships to a few people and the world I live in. I hope the way it feels and sounds combines with this information about how it was made to give it some sort of lasting meaning."

- Mike Adams, February 2017


TURN PALE - 'Mock Trial / Hung Jury' LP
(Duchess Archives, DA003, 656605960319)
LP w/ insert + download
edition of 500 copies



For more than ten years, TURN PALE (from Bloomington, Indiana) explored the corners of the dancefloor, with a decidely punk asthetic; opting to caress the dark, Rough Trade/Factory sound from the early 80's post-punk/goth movement. Darkness which did not necessitate evil.

DEATH DISCO equaling 3 parts Factory, 1 part 4AD, 1 part Mute.

"Turbulent, striking post-punk that remains uptempo and danceable (think: THE BIRTHDAY PARTY, VIRGIN PRUNES, THE POP GROUP, PiL). Lockstep, bass-heavy midtempo rhythms anchor piercing guitar chords and drones, all accented by an unhinged vocal performance. " - Temporary Structures

"A plain-clothes group of musicians that coin a style reminiscent of The Birthday Party and Joy Division, I was psyched to hear something so raw and genuinely inspired by the old school produced from a new band" - Starvox

TURN PALE formed in summer of 2000 by Pete Schreiner (bass), Marty Sprowles (drums), Nick Quagliara (guitar) and Michael Anderson (vocals).

Following the self-released 'CHANCE' 7" in April 2002 on Anderson's Bluesanct label, TURN PALE's debut full-length, entitled 'KILL THE LIGHTS', was released in June 2003 on the WHAT ELSE? RECORDS label.

Pete left the group shortly before the release of the album to join Magnolia Electric Co., and Chris Lombardi joined on bass in April 2003.

The 'FILMS WE LIKE' 7" was issued in May 2004 on RUFFIAN RECORDS, a label out of DC run by Hugh of Black Eyes. TURN PALE then took a sabbatical from touring to work on their epic second full-length, entitled 'MOCK TRIAL / HUNG JURY', issued on vinyl in February 2007 on NYC/Berlin post-punk label Duchess Archive.

Known for a highly energetic live show, TURN PALE toured the US several times in the over the years with friends such as BLACK EYES (Dischord), LOVE LIFE (31G) and RADIO BERLIN (Action Driver).

This long out-of-print LP is back in stock for a short time and in very limited quantities.

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